Individual consultation and short term, focused counseling for a variety of issues and concerns

Counseling Services

Most of the time we can handle life’s difficulties on our own. But, at times, the problems may seem a little overwhelming, and we don’t know where to turn. Asking for help is often difficult, but it is actually the first step in resolving the problem or finding effective ways to cope. FEAP is available for individual consultation and short term, focused counseling for a variety of personal issues and common concerns.

Feap Counseling Services

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  • Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Misuse of addictive substances and substance use disorders can prevent people from living healthy and happy lives and negatively impact a circle of people around them.

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  • Compassion

    Understanding the difference between Compassion and Empathy and learning how to cultivate sustainable compassion in your own life can be the difference between being nourished or burned out by your work.

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  • Community Resources Support

    Community Resources Support helps members of the UVA community connect with local organizations who can assist with basic needs such as housing, clothing, utilities, and food, as well as assistance with personal budgeting and finance strategies.

    Community Resources
  • Couples

    Intimate relationships are an integral part of the human experience. The need and desire for connection to another is as much a part of our lives as is our need for safety, well-being and satisfaction.

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  • Critical Incidents

    A critical incident is defined as any event that has the power to overwhelm usually effective coping mechanisms. The goal of FEAP is to enhance and support the resilience of the organization and its employees and facilitate return to work and productivity.

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  • Depression

    if you find the feelings of sadness are lasting more than two weeks and are beginning to interfere with your sleep, work, study, and ability to enjoy activities you normally find pleasurable you may be experiencing clinical depression and, we recommend you seek professional support.

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  • Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

    Domestic violence includes, but is not limited to, physical or sexual violence, emotional and/or psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, stalking, economic control, harassment, physical intimidation or injury. FEAP consultants are trained to understand the dynamics related to domestic violence and can help individuals to connect with the appropriate resources.

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  • Eldercare

    FEAP can now connect you with trained professionals who have the knowledge and experience to meet a variety of eldercare concerns through personalized consultation and customized guidance.

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  • Financial Concerns

    Being financially empowered is a critical part of an employee's overall health and wellness. Through FEAP, you are eligible for a free, 60-minute consultation with a financial coach, who can assist with budgeting, debt management, credit improvement, tax questions, and much more.

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  • Legal Services

    Employees and their families have access to a 30-minute free legal consultation through FEAP.

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  • Mindfulness

    FEAP works in conjunction with UVA Mindfulness Center, the UVA Compassionate Care Initiative, and the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center in order to provide mindfulness programs and resources accessible online as well as in person.

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  • Parenting

    FEAP provides confidential, face to face consultations for caregivers who are seeking to grow in their role as parents or step-parents. Educational seminars on topics specific to parenting children and teens are also provided upon request. Services are designed to provide information, education, and support, as well as specific tools for navigating the day to day of the ever-changing process that is raising children.

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  • Positive Psychology

    FEAP's Applied Positive Psychology certified counseling can meet with you to share information on the field of Positive Psychology and how you can learn to thrive more in your life, enabling you to flourishing and achieve that in one’s life through scientific research and real-world application.

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  • Self-Care

    Good self-care is one of the best ways you can buffer yourself from the impact of stress. Knowing what nourishes and refuels you is powerful wisdom especially if you incorporate daily practices to rest and refuel even as you attend to your other responsibilities. FEAP can offer support and additional information to help you develop strategies to rest and refuel.

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  • Stress Management

    FEAP can help you determine the best ways to manage stress, allowing you to thrive in your life.

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  • Trauma Events or History of Trauma

    Whether a traumatic event has just occurred or a history of abuse is resurfacing, FEAP is extending specialized services to individuals dealing with such. FEAP offers counseling services to employees dealing with immediate crisis or historical trauma which is actively impacting daily functioning.

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  • WorkLife Program

    FEAP's WorkLife Program provides a diverse menu of resources, programs, and services that offer assistance in managing the daily challenges of integrating work, family, and personal life to help employees be fully engaged and do their best in work and life.

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  • Workplace Seminars

    FEAP offers a variety of workplace seminars. Broad topic areas include: content for supervisors/managers, balancing work and life, caregiving/eldercare, communication and relationships, mindfulness/compassion, parenting and positive practices.

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