Explore FEAP For You!

Get to Know FEAP For You!

Watch a brief, video overview on the portal, how to log in, and how to receive help if you need it.

FEAP is excited to launch a new offering for those whom we serve. Our new secure portal allows us to develop and provide more robust resources and offer you more on-demand, self-guided support.

The portal provides customer organizations with easy access to all resources developed and curated by FEAP.

You’ll enjoy easy access to organized resources, including many of the resources you previously accessed on our public-facing website. And, after logging in, you’ll find a seamless transition between it and the portal.

First time access:

Click on the “Feap For You” login button in the upper, right-hand corner of the UVA FEAP public facing website.

  1. UVA employees can log in through Netbadge
  2. Employees of other organizations FEAP supports can create an account by clicking on the orange "Request an Account" button
    1. You must use your work-associated email
    2. Your username can be your email or a username of your choice
    3. After filling out a brief form, you will receive an automated email prompting you to set up your password. If you do not receive the automated email, please check your spam folder
  3. Spouses and dependents of employees can create an account. To do so, the employee must be logged into the portal and click on “Request a new account” link in the website footer
    1. Fill out the brief form
    2. Once approved, the spouse will be notified by email and prompted to set up their account

If you have forgotten your password, please use the link to reset it on the account login page. 

To receive help, individuals can contact the HR Solution Center (askhr@virginia.edu)

Hop in there and explore new resources addressing a broad array of counseling topics, recorded webinars, a collection of tips of the month, and an enhanced Virtual Resource library! But remember that while we are building our digital resources to provide more on-demand offerings, we are still here to support counseling needs through 1:1 conversations. Contact us or schedule an appointment.

If you have have thoughts on how we can further enhance our portal, we would love to hear them! Email us at feap@virginia.edu