Crisis & Care Coordination

There are many factors influencing an individual's mental and emotional well-being, and some require an urgent response. FEAP services include a dedicated Crisis & Care Coordinator, who provides increased responsiveness to emergent individual and/or organizational needs.

For information and assistance:

  • During business hours contact Rodney Diehl, FEAP Crisis Coordinator: 434.995.8305
  • After hours call the FEAP office: 434.243.2643

Crisis & Care Coordination Services

  • For Individuals

    FEAP services for individuals include phone support and consultation for emergent issues and situations, same-day in person or tele-heath appointments, referrals to community resources for additional support, and assistance with the UVA Employee Assistance Fund & Malcolm Cole Childcare Center Scholarship eligibility and application process.

  • For Organizations

    FEAP offers consultation with an organization's supervisors and managers related to employees' emotional, behavioral, or safety concerns, referrals for mediation, and/or requests for critical incident response. Additionally, FEAP can provide guidance and coordination of For Cause Screenings, Facilitated Management Referrals, and Fit for Duty Evaluations.