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Recordings of Past Webinars

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Other Events

The following events are not eligible for the $25 reward offered to UVA Health Plan participants by Hoos Well.

Pause to Rest, Ground and Refuel: Weekly drop-in Zoom meetings

Just as a car won’t run without gas, we all need time to rest and restore in order to meet a prolonged challenge with resilience. Join us from wherever you are, for a pause to connect, rest and refresh. Even a few moments can make a difference!

Managing Mental Health During COVID-19

In the past weeks, many of us have seen our lives turned upside down. Join Bethany Teachman, PhD (Professor of Psychology, UVA) on April 6 from 12-1pm for a webinar on how to manage anxiety and stress, and take care of your mental health, during this difficult time. The webinar will be followed by time for Q&A.