Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is both a normal part of our day-to-day lives and when too high, for too long, a potential source of physical and emotional illness. The goal is to determine the best ways to manage stress that allows us to thrive in our lives.

There are times when managing stress is more challenging, especially when we experience either a number of small stressors or a larger stressor that stretches our coping skills.

There are many positive practices designed to help you manage your stress level. The first step is noticing that stress is an issue and where you are on the stress continuum below.


Stress First Aid: Caring for Yourself and Others

- With Joyce Camden, LCSW Stress Levels can be elevated for a number of reasons. Personal issues, high stress professions, and community events can individual and collectively have an impact on ones well-being and life experience. Often when a person is overwhelmed and in a survival mode, there is a depreciation in the practice of self-care and an increase in symptoms of stress. This workshop is an educational and interactive program designed to expand awareness and develop skills to reduce symptoms of stress and improve emotional baseline and life fulfillment.

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