FEAP works in conjunction with UVA Mindfulness Center, the UVA Compassionate Care Initiative, and the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center in order to provide mindfulness programs and resources accessible online as well as in person.

What is Mindfulness?

The word "meditation" is like the word sports in that there are many different forms. Mindfulness is an awareness practice and is about paying attention, on purpose, to the moment you are in without judgment (Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.). It’s been described by many as very simple but not easy. As with most skills you would like to hone, mindfulness takes practice and can reap great rewards.

What are the Benefits?

The specific benefits of Mindfulness are well documented by science. Mindfulness is associated with:

  • Enhanced ability to focus
  • Greater ability to manage emotional impulses
  • Greater resilience and more rapid recovery from adversity
  • Less impact from stress
  • Less anxiety, dysphoria, and depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved self-control

What is Mindfulness and Why Should I Care?

With Anna C. DeLong, LCSW, CEAP The word “meditation” is like the word “sports” meaning there are many different types of meditation. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has been researched in depth over the past decade especially. This research has resulted in robust evidence regarding the positive impact of practicing mindfulness on a regular basis. In this seminar, you will learn more about mindfulness, including the benefits, resources available as well as practical ways to introduce and sustain a mindfulness practice in your day to day life at work and home. This seminar will also include a short guided mindfulness exercise.

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How do I Begin?

  • Four Steps to Mindfulness
  • It’s important to choose a manageable and sustainable goal
  • It’s more beneficial to practice for a shorter period of time more frequently and regularly, than for a longer time once in a while
  • Ask about a mindfulness related class and join in

Not ready for a class, but would like to give it a try?

  • Participate in a drop-in mindfulness session
  • Check out the Mindfulness Toolkit for videos, guided meditations, resources, and additional information

FEAP Mindfulness Related Services

  • 1-3 sessions of private or small group mindfulness coaching
  • Guided mindfulness programs by phone or zoom
  • Onsite team guidance

One-Hour Seminars

  • What is Mindfulness and Why Should I care?
  • Mindfulness – How Do I Begin?

Classes with Mindfulness Practice Throughout

  • Resiliency: Responding to Stress with Success
  • Compassion Training to Promote Resiliency
Mindfulness is a way of training your attention so you can bring it where you want and keep it where you want. Dan Goleman, Ph.D