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Previous Events

  • What it Means to Matter

    From an academic perspective, mattering is the psychological state of knowing that you impact the lives of others and have significance in the world around you. This webinar will discuss the construct of mattering, it's impact on our wellbeing, and explore how it is often the little things that make the biggest difference. - March 2022 with Julie Hazlip, MD MAPP

  • Adopting a Movement Mindset

    This engaging seminar will teach you how to incorporate the concepts of a Movement Mindset into your life through current research and proven effective strategies from a Positive Psychology practitioner, a health and fitness professional, and an RN/Certified Health Coach. Specifically, you will: learn how movement can improve your emotional well-being and mental health; discover convenient and creative ways you can incorporate movement into your life; learn how to remove the blocks from adopting a movement mindset; and learn about the concept of movement mindset. -- February, 2022 with Beth Frackleton and Joe Giandonatto

  • How to Sustain Motivation and Achieve Lasting Change

    The idea of change can be confusing, difficult, and anxiety provoking. However, implementing change can be rewarding, empowering, and exciting. This webinar will teach you to curate approach-oriented goals, utilizing the spirit of Motivational Interviewing as a guide; identify the need for change; investigate personal barriers to change; and learn new ways to implement lasting change. - February 2022 with Cynthia Betts

  • Trauma Knowledge and Coping: A Presentation from the UVA Nursing Summit

    Learn more about the definition of trauma, sources of stress injury, our reactions to stress, how trauma can impact you, and how you can work to overcome these effects. -- January 2021 presentation by Joyce Camden, LCSW, at the UVA Nursing Summit.

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  • Planning for Long-Term Care

    One of the biggest challenges around caregiving is the availability of resources for long term care. This webinar will primarily focus on some of the legal aspects around elder law and the importance of planning ahead for long term care for you and your loved one. Learn when guardianship/conservatorship are necessary, learn ways to pay for long term care, including differences between Medicare and Medicaid, and much more! - December, 2021 with Dominique McLaughlin and Michael and Lelia Winget-Hernandez.

  • Creating Space for Managing Anxiety

    This seminar focuses on evidence-based skills for managing anxiety with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness strategies. We cover helpful tools from the popular books Unwinding Anxiety and The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. The seminar also introduces methods for calming, grounding, and soothing the nervous system whether at work or home. - November 2021 with Ken Horne, MSW, LCSW, CEAP

  • Trainable Skills of Well-Being

    Resulting from decades of neuroscientific research in the field of human flourishing, four pillars of well-being have been identified that are trainable and can be strengthened with practice. In this webinar, you will learn more about these four pillars and practical ways you can strengthen the different areas of the mind that contribute to your well-being. - September, 2021 with Anna DeLong, LCSW, CEAP and Stephanie Wagner, M.A., M.M., NBC-HWC

  • Rewire Your Brain for Better Mood, Focus & Resilience

    Learn how to train your attention so you can focus it where you want to, keep it where you want it, and reap the rewards of this new skill. This webinar will include an experiential mindfulness session and practical tips for incorporating presence into your daily routine. - July 2021 with Anna DeLong and Janet A. Jackson

  • Parents Have Feelings Too

    In this seminar we will take a step back to get some perspective on where we’ve been in our relationship with our kids over the course of the pandemic, what we’ve learned, what’s changed, and consider where we want to go next in our relationships with ourselves and with our kids. -- June, 2021 with Monica Maughlin

  • Effective Strategies to Manage Your Emotional Well-Being

    Learn evidence-based strategies to manage powerful emotions, cope with pain, and re-discover and maintain joy. Identify strategies for coping with emotions in an adaptive manner, with a focus on emotional regulation and skills taught in contextual psychotherapy systems. Describe the importance of self-compassion and forgiveness in regulating emotions and promoting a content and happy life. List effective coping skills for dealing with the unique stressors of fatigue and emotional and physical pain. Identify six factors that contribute to development of positive emotions, including identifying personal values and practicing gratitude. - May 2021 with Jennifer Kim Penberthy, Ph.D., ABPP

  • Relating in New Ways to Depression

    This seminar focuses on recognizing new and empowering options for relating to depression that may lead to more space, relief, and self-kindness. Specifically, we emphasize straight-forward, evidence-based strategies from the fields of Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. -- May, 2021 with Ken Horne, MSW, LCSW

  • Demystifying Stress

    Learn to cultivate a mindset that will allow you to “stress more effectively” and identify personal physical, emotional and behavioral responses to stress; distinguish the traditional understanding from the new understanding of stress; understand why we all have the tendency to respond negatively and gain insight into new ways to view and respond to stress itself. -- April, 2021 with Rebecca Mason, MSN, RN, CS, CEAP

  • Nourishing Restorative Sleep

    Learn guided exercises designed to promote deep relaxation, systematically and organically, and ultimately healthy sleep. You'll also learn about the most common barriers to healthy sleep; sleep hygiene; a self-assessment sleep checklist; the 'rest and digest' branch of the autonomic nervous system; steps to prepare the mind and body for rest, systematically and organically; and resources available and where to go for more information. -- March 2021 with Anna Delong, MSW, LCSW, CEAP.

  • Strategies to Overcome Loneliness

    The hardship of loneliness impacts us emotionally and physically. There is currently a whole new sense of collective loneliness as our communities and nation face the pandemic, social isolation, lock downs, and separation from support systems. Through this seminar you will learn about the symptoms and new elements of loneliness, as well as skills to overcome loneliness -- including opening up to enjoying time alone, identifying new ways of connecting with people, and exploring lifestyle practices to expand wholeness and well-being. - February 2021 with Joyce Camden, MSW, LCSW

  • Boost Your Motivation to Reduce COVID-Energy Drain

    We could all use a little boost to our motivation to enhance our overall wellbeing! This engaging webinar will cover some helpful tips from a positive psychology practitioner and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach. We are bringing together some of the gems from our respective fields, from our classes we have taught to help people reach their health goals, as well as our individual work with clients. - January, 2021 with Mary Sherman, LCSW, CEAP and Beth Frackleton, M. Ed., BSN, BS, RN, NBC-HWC, CHWC

  • Recovery Ally Training

    A Recovery Ally is an individual who supports those in recovery, advocates for recovering individuals, and educates themselves about the disease of addiction, societal stigma, and resources available. This introductory-level Recovery Ally training is designed to begin to increase our community’s recovery capital on Grounds, decrease stigma, and grow intervention skills for staff members. - November, 2020 with Tia Mann and Jen Cervi

  • Providing Support to Someone Struggling with Substance Use

    Learn strategies to support someone who may be struggling with substance use, while still maintaining your own emotional wellness. You will increase your knowledge and understanding of substance use as well as how to proactively support someone who may be struggling. - November, 2020 with Dominique McLaughlin LPC, MA

  • How to Rest & Restore During Turbulent Times

    During these unprecedented times of uncertainty, unrest and continuous change, it’s more important than ever to build into our daily lives ways to release stress, re-center, and refuel ourselves -- physically, mentally and emotionally. In this interactive webinar, Anna DeLong will present the concept of an “inner energy gauge,” describe its underlying physiology, and offer practical strategies to build in micro-moments of self-care into our already-hectic lives. - October, 2020 with Anna DeLong, LCSW, CEAP

  • Conquering Stress

    Learning to manage stress is a life skill that can improve with practice. Join us in exercising your own stress management muscles! We will review a sequential model for evaluating our stressors and choosing the most appropriate stress management strategy. Learn tips and techniques, and share your experiences in managing stress. - October, 2020 with Rebecca Mason, MSN, RN, CS, CEAP

  • Do Good, Feel Good: The Positive Impact of Helping Others

    In this live webinar, we will discuss new research regarding the positive impact of altruism on life satisfaction, happiness, and social wellbeing, and learn how to incorporate altruism and kindness into your daily life. - September, 2020 with Mary Sherman, LCSW, CEAP

  • Building a Bridge to Enduring Healthy Relationships

    Are you struggling to develop an enduring and healthy relationship with your significant other where communication is genuinely and authentically expressed and validated? Learning effective communication tools is enormously powerful and can connect us profoundly and intimately with you and your partners. Relating—and the quality of your relationships—is of deep, natural, and inherent concern for all of us and like any human endeavor, takes attention, care, and commitment. Attend this webinar to learn some powerful relationship tools that when practiced, can help you uncover the true potential of your most sacred relationships. - August 2020 with Deb Early, MA, LPC, CEAP

  • Stress First Aid: Caring for Self & Others

    Stress Levels can be elevated for a number of reasons. Personal issues, high stress professions, and community events can individual and collectively have an impact on ones well-being and life experience. Often when a person is overwhelmed and in a survival mode, there is a depreciation in the practice of self-care and an increase in symptoms of stress. This workshop is an educational and interactive program designed to expand awareness and develop skills to reduce symptoms of stress and improve emotional baseline and life fulfillment. - June, 2020 with Joyce Camden, LCSW

  • Working with Anxiety

    Do you struggle with anxiety, worry, and fear-based patterns of thought? Do you experience physical sensations like anxious chest pressure, tight shoulders, or a sinking feeling in the gut? Do you find it difficult to stop old, nervous habits? Learn how to slow down, see your choices, and respond versus react. Increase your knowledge and understanding of the prevalence and roots of anxiety, as well as learn practical skills for how to relate differently, start new patterns, and transform your relationship with fear. - May, 2020 with Ken Horne, LCSW

  • Coping with COVID-19: A Panel Discussion

    This panel discussion features 3 FEAP consultants focusing on different areas of coping during these challenging times. We will look at positive strategies to help with overall resilience, eldercare giving and couples as we navigate this unprecedented time where how we live and work has been impacted dramatically. Participants will ask questions and share success strategies. - April, 2020 with Dominique McLaughlin, Ken Horne, and Deb Early

  • Communicating Effectively During Difficult Conversations

    Learn helpful strategies that will allow you to recognize what is happening within you and between yourself and others in challenging interactions. In this session, participants will increase their knowledge and understanding of how to lay the groundwork for productive and successful interactions with others, and strategies for engaging in and maintaining productive dialogue. - April, 2020 with Monica Maughlin, MEd, LPC, CEAP

  • What is Mindfulness and Why Should I Care?

    The word “meditation” is like the word “sports” meaning there are many different types of meditation. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has been researched in depth over the past decade especially. This research has resulted in robust evidence regarding the positive impact of practicing mindfulness on a regular basis. Join this seminar to learn more about mindfulness, including the benefits, resources available as well as practical ways to introduce and sustain a mindfulness practice in your day to day life at work and home. This seminar will also include a short guided mindfulness exercise. - March, 2020 with Anna DeLong, LCSW, CEAP

  • Flourishing In Your Life

    Ready to learn strategies to help you flourish more in your life? This engaging seminar will explore tips and tools to go from surviving to flourishing using information from the PERMA-V model of Flourishing developed by Martin Seligman with the addition of Vitality by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya. - March, 2020 with Mary Sherman, LCCSW, CEAP