Want to Build Greater Connection? Learn How through the Science of Appreciation

Join us for this reward-eligible webinar, which is part of the monthly series of emotional well-being webinars offered by FEAP and Hoos Well, UVA's award-winning employee well-being program.

Are you ready to connect more in person? Connection can be trained through intentionally cultivating qualities like appreciation, kindness, gratitude, and compassion for self and others. In this session, you will learn how to cultivate these fundamental well-being skills and how connection can improve teamwork. Discover what science tells us about the benefits of appreciation during this reward-eligible webinar with Healthy Minds Innovations, UVA’s Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) and Hoos Well, UVA's award-winning employee well-being program.

Learning objectives

Through this webinar, participants will learn:

  1. Insights about the science of appreciation
  2. Ways to counteract negativity bias
  3. Simple ways to practice appreciation in daily life, leading to greater connection and teamwork
  4. How to build these skills through Healthy Minds @Work, a free program for UVA employees that includes a Hoos Well reward-eligible 30-day Challenge

About your presenters

Stephanie Wagner, MA, MM, NBC-HWC, Trainer & Program Specialist, Healthy Minds Innovations

Stephanie is a board-certified (NBC-HWC) health and wellness coach with a passion for mindfulness and meditation with extensive years working in professional development. She is a trainer and program specialist at Healthy Minds Innovations, where she develops and trains content to help people cultivate habits to achieve greater well-being. 

Mary Sherman, LCSW, CEAP, UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program

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This event will be recorded by audio and video means. By participating, you grant the University of Virginia the right to use your voice/likeness in any depiction of this event. Video is not required to participate in this event.

The University of Virginia is committed to providing universal access to all of our events. Please contact us at EmotionalWellbeing@virginia.edu, at least seven days prior to the start of this event, to request disability-related accommodations.

Register for webinar, May 26 at 3:30pm