Support for those who need it

Employees in Need

Below are the stories of two UVA employees* who found themselves in unexpected situations of need. Your support of the Employee Assistance Fund will directly assist employees in similar situations. 


Although George had been living paycheck to paycheck, he paid his bills responsibly and on time. In June, he was injured and had to be placed on short term disability. During the weeks George was unable to work, his reduced disability income was not enough to feed his family and also meet his bills, and found himself having to decide between paying his car loan or his mortgage. George knew if he didn't pay for his car he may lose it and then not able to work when his injury healed. George needed help, so he reached out to the UVA Community Resource Service (CRS), which connected him with a local religious association that helped him pay for enough of his monthly mortgage that he would not face eviction. CRS also connected him with Loaves & Fishes to provide food for his family. When George returns to work he will be able to pay his bills as before but he will need extra money to pay his outstanding mortgage. Fortunately, the UVA Employee Assistance Fund can step in and provide George with those fund so he and his family do not lose their home.  


Jack has worked for UVA for over nine years. In January, he unfortunately found himself in the emergency room suffering from an infection. Jack was moved to the ICU for two weeks. When he recuperated and was able to go home, Jack found many of his furnishings and belongings were missing. During his stay in the ICU, his apartment had been burglarized. Stressed about loss of income from the weeks of illness, lack of furnishings in his home, and strong commitment to his pay bills and do his best to support his two children in college, Jack turned to the UVA Community Resources Service for help in addressing this unexpected situation. The CRS connected Jack with Goodwill to help him find furnishings at a greatly reduced cost. And the Employee Assistance Fund will be able to provide one-time financial support to get Jack back on track and able to support himself and his family after this unexpected illness and terrible burglary.

*Names and details have been changed to protect anonymity.

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