Providing Support to UVA Academic Employees In Need

Employee Assistance Fund

Recognizing that staff are integral to the success of UVA’s mission, the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) has been established to serve as a critical resource for UVA employees in the Academic Division. Understanding that unexpected situations, illness, and accidents occur even in the best laid plans, the EAF serves as a resource for employees who experience a financial hardship due to an unexpected and non-recurring need. The EAF can assist eligible employees in meeting basic needs when no other sources of monetary support are available through providing grants and financial counseling to the employee.

EAF Overview

With limited other means of emergency financial support available within UVA or locally, the Employee Assistance Fund is a critical step in assisting UVA employees on a broad scale. 

UVA employees within the Academic Division and the College at Wise can submit a request for funding from the EAF for help meeting unexpected, one-time basic needs, such as those related to housing, utilities, food, and transportation. These requests can be easily submitted through Workday. 

All applications for assistance are reviewed by the UVA Community Resource Specialist (CRS) and an independent committee of UVA employees. Anonymity for all applicants is maintained throughout the process. The CRS works with applicants to ensure that there are no other sources of financial assistance available to the employee and also engages the employee in personal financial counseling to ensure the situation does not recur. 

When funding requests are approved, money is provided through payroll to the employee’s paycheck. Fund recipients can then use the money to pay for their unexpected cost. 

The EAF is only able to provide funding for colleagues who need help when money exists in the fund to give. 


The new fund presents an opportunity for members of the UVA community to support one another on an ongoing basis, as this fund will be available to support employees as long as there are funds to do so. 

As a self-sustaining fund, donations are critical to the Fund’s ability to provide financially for UVA employees and will go directly towards supporting employees in the Academic Division who need assistance meeting basic needs such as housing, utility bills, clothing, and food. The fund will be available to assist employees like George and Jack, who found themselves in unexpected situations of distress, forced to choose between paying for a car loan or a mortgage, or unable to provide basic furnishings for their family. 

If you would like to support colleagues in need, you can make a donation through Workday on a one-time or recurring basis. External donations from non-employees can be submitted through the UVA Advancement website.

Donors should discuss any questions related to deductibility with a personal tax advisor. UVA will provide yearly tax-benefit donation/acknowledgement forms to donors via email. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

How to Donate

Donate Here

Please see instructions above and access donation pages here:

UVA Employees: Donate Here External Donors: Give Here


Read details about grants provided by the Employee Assistance Fund below.

  • Eligible Employees

    • Eligible employees working 20 hours or more per week within the UVA Academic Division and College at Wise are eligible for the Fund.  
    • The employee must have a minimum of one continuous year of service at UVA.
    • Employees must not have any disciplinary actions that resulted from violating UVA Standards of Conduct policy within the past twelve (12) months.
    • Temporary, Wage, and Students are not eligible for the Fund.  
    • Contractors and Sub-Contractors are not eligible for the Fund.  
    • Because the Fund is supported by donations, there is no guarantee that there will be available funds at any one time. Award amount will be at the discretion of the Review Committee.
  • Eligible Expenses

    Situations resulting in financial hardship due to an unexpected, and non-recurring need may be eligible for funding from the Employee Assistance Fund. Need documentation must be provided with the application.

    Examples of eligible expenses include primary needs such as housing, utility bills, clothing, and food.

  • Ineligible Expenses

    Some ineligible expenses include: 

    • Bankruptcy Debt 
    • Clothing* 
    • Club Memberships 
    • Court Ordered Payment or Child Custody Cases 
    • Credit Card Debt 
    • Entertainment and Recreational 
    • Food* 
    • Household Appliances and Furniture Payment 
    • Household Expenses such as cable/satellite television, internet, laundry, security services… 
    • Legal fees/fines 
    • Life Insurance Payments 
    • Pet Expenses 
    • Private School or Higher Education Loans/Tuition/Fees  
    • Security 
    • Student Room and Board 
    • Wage Garnishments and Levied

    *Food/clothing may be considered depending on the nature of the event (i.e. natural disaster). 

    **Medical expenses may be considered when non-payment of expenditures prohibits the receipt of further treatment, OR when paid medical expenses have affected basic living necessities. 

  • How to Apply

    To submit a grant application for the UVA Employee Assistance Fund, you can:

    1. Log into Workday
    2. Enter ‘Create Request’ in the search feature
    3. Select the Request Type ‘Employee Assistance Fund’ 
    4. Complete all fields
    5. Attach documents that confirm proof of need
    6. Click Submit

    For details, tips, and step-by-step instructions, please see this job aid.

    The Community Resources Specialist will work with you to ensure there are no other potential sources of support available to you. 

    All applications are confidential and will only be shared with individuals directly involved in award administration, processing, and tax reporting.

    Applications will be reviewed by the Employee Assistance Fund Review Committee. Award decisions are final and will be communicated directly to the applicant.


    Payments to recipients result in taxable compensation. This means that the amount you receive will be lower than what you request. Because the amount you receive will come through your paycheck, the same taxes that are taken from your hourly income or salary (Social Security, FICA, etc.) will be taken from your Assistance Fund payment. Depending on your tax situation, you may receive a refund of these deductions when you file your taxes at the end of the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to FAQs on donations and applications.