Connecting UVA Employees with Resources to Meet Basic Needs

Community Resource Support

The Employee Community Resource Service helps members of the UVA community connect with local organizations who can assist with basic needs such as housing, clothing, utilities, and food, as well as assistance with personal budgeting and finance strategies.

Local Community Resources

Click on the categories below to learn about the many local resources providing valuable assistance.

  • Housing and Utility Resources

    There are many organizations that provide free or reduced-cost housing, as well as utility assistance.

    Housing and Utility Resources
  • Food Resources

    Learn about local food pantries, soup kitchens, home-delivered meals, and other resources to combat hunger.

    Food Resources
  • Financial Resources

    Many organizations are available to assist with financial situations including money management counseling, developing a personal budget, debt reduction, free tax return preparation, and more.

    Financial Resources
  • Transportation Resources

    There are several local transportation options that are free or low cost, such as bus services, carpools, and more.

    Transportation Resources
  • Healthcare Resources

    Find local resources available to assist with healthcare, including mental health and during pregnancy.

    Healthcare Resources
  • Resources for Children

    Local organizations that provide backup care, daycare, babysitting, preschool, and other services.

    Resources for Children
  • Education Resources

    Learn more about local education resources for children and adults.

    Education Resources
  • Aging Resources

    Learn more about resources available for aging-related issues.

    Aging Resources
  • Legal Resources

    Find organizations available to assist when you need help with legal matters.

    Legal Resources
  • Clothing Resources

    Learn more about local resources available to assist with clothing needs, including laundry services.

    Clothing Resources