Welcoming Different Viewpoints: Build Skills to Listen with Respect and Curiosity

Differing viewpoints can lead to a broader understanding, new possibilities, and new solutions. Yet sometimes we find ourselves at odds with viewpoints that don’t align with our own. Strong and difficult emotions can bubble up when we struggle to find common ground. Join this Hoos Well reward-eligible webinar to learn how to manage difficult emotions when we find ourselves at odds with viewpoints that don’t align with our own, and practice a mindfulness technique to open the mind and heart with compassion.

Learning Objectives

  1. Use mindfulness skills to identify how automatic thoughts and beliefs can be viewed as facts vs. opinions or beliefs.

  2. Explore the balance between committing to one’s own beliefs and values and honoring other people’s right to do the same. 

  3. Strengthen the ability to be open to and have greater respect for differing perspectives. 

  4. Take away two short stress reduction practices that can be used to create space for more positive interactions.   

About Your Presenter

Kelly Barron has been practicing mindfulness for more than 20 years, and she now teaches mindfulness in schools, at work and everywhere to help others find more ease, clarity and joy.

As a former staff writer for Forbes magazine, Kelly came to understand the value of mindfulness as a deadline driven reporter. She still loves journalism but is not so fond of chronic stress. Through her practice, she's not only become more stress resilient but has found more clarity, joy and ease in her life. She's now passionate about sharing what she's learned with others. Kelly has a B.A. in philosophy and a M.A. in Journalism. She's certified to facilitate mindfulness through the UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior and is an instructor for UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center. Kelly has developed mindfulness programs for law firms such as Orrick and Milbank as well as other corporations. She is also an Inner Kids trained instructor and teaches mindfulness to teachers and students in schools throughout Los Angeles. Additionally, Kelly has been certified through the University of Toronto's School of continuing Studies in Applied Mindfulness-based Chronic Pain Management. Kelly is a lifelong athlete and a former collegiate tennis player. She has a training certification from the American Council on Exercise and enjoys all kinds of physical pursuits from paddle boarding to Ping Pong. Kelly also loves to cook and hang out with her family.

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