Understanding and Recovering from Racial Trauma (The Circle of Light)

An Emotional Wellness and Healing Space for Racial Trauma

The Circle of Light (COL) was developed in partnership with the Population Health Department and Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) for the purpose of creating an emotional wellness space where individuals can process their experience with racial trauma through the exploration of shared stories and lived experiences. COL will also help participants understand how racial trauma can affect their mental and emotional well-being and to incorporate ways to interrupt the trauma response by drawing upon culturally-grounded healing strategies.

We welcome and invite you to virtually drop into the Circle of Light on the 4th Thursday of each month to be seen, heard, felt, and to let your light shine!

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Dates/Times of Zoom Sessions:

  • Thursday, Feb 23 — 11:30AM
  • Thursday, Mar 23 — 11:30AM
  • Thursday, Apr 27 — 11:30AM
  • Thursday, May 25 — 11:30AM
  • Thursday, Jun 22 — 11:30AM
  • Thursday, Jul 27 — 11:30AM


Facilitated by Arminda B. Perch, MBA, MSW, and Pamela Meredith Hamilton, MAMF, Mental Health Ally