Apology Languages: Sometimes "I’m Sorry" Isn’t Enough

Come to this Hoos Well reward-eligible session to discover your and others’ apology languages, and how to apply them to enhance personal and professional relationships.

You may have heard of the five love languages, but did you know that there are also five different ways to express an apology? Dr. Gary Chapman defines the five apology languages as key attitudes to express remorse. You’ll learn tools to enhance your apology and conflict resolution skills. This interactive session will focus on the dynamics of giving and receiving apologies to nurture connections and recover in situations of personal and professional conflict.

Before the session, we encourage you to take a 5-minute Apology Languages quiz. You can either simply print out your results or create an account to save them.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn the five apology languages.
  2. Understand why apologies are important to mental wellbeing.
  3. Learn the difference between intent and impact.
  4. Learn what not to say when issuing an apology.
  5. Learn how to apply these concepts to foster personal and professional reconciliations. 

About your presenter

Pamela HamiltonPamela Hamilton, MAMF, QDDP, QMHP-T, is a FEAP Consultant who specializes in marriage and family education, tailoring her passion for healthy marriages and the survival of families to create a distinctive, practical, and creative coaching method that merges life experience and clinical techniques. She recognizes through personal experience and working in community mental health, how families and communities can be impacted from the exposure to mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma. Through those purposeful experiences Pamela has made it her purpose to encourage, restore and empower - meeting people right where they are. Pamela is also an author, storyteller, professional life and relationship coach, motivational speaker, small group facilitator, Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, Mediator, and former host of The Hamilton Exchange Radio.

The University of Virginia is committed to providing universal access to all of our events. Please contact us at least seven days prior to the start of this event, to request disability-related accommodations.

Register for Zoom meeting, March 28 at 12:00 pm ET