Raising a child is one of the richest and most gratifying experiences any of us will ever have. It is also one of the most demanding. We all need understanding and support as we navigate these most important relationships.  

FEAP provides confidential, face to face consultations for caregivers who are seeking to grow in their role as parents or step-parents. Educational seminars on topics specific to parenting children and teens are also provided upon request. Services are designed to provide information, education, and support, as well as specific tools for navigating the day to day of the ever-changing process that is raising children.

Does FEAP see children?

FEAP does not see children. We do however see parents regarding concerns that they may have about their child’s emotional or behavioral health. In addition to providing education and support, FEAP can provide parents and other caregivers with appropriate community referrals for their children.

If in consultation with parents, a FEAP consultant determines that an older adolescent, age 16 or above, is likely to benefit from the brief therapeutic services that FEAP can provide, arrangements may be made to see older adolescents on a case by case basis. Because all FEAP services are confidential, in the case where a minor child is seen by a consultant, the parameters of confidentiality will be discussed with both the child and parent(s).

FEAP does see employees’ adult children – age 18 and over. Because FEAP is a confidential service and those age 18 and over are legally considered adults, a parent’s involvement in their adult child’s FEAP service is at the discretion of the adult child. No information about their services can be provided to the parent without a Release of Information or as required by law.

Positive Discipline

We all want the children in our lives to grow up to lead happy and healthy lives, and we also want to enjoy them at each age and stage along the way. Many resources give guidance and advice, but ultimately we have to be the ones to make the daily decisions regarding how we want to discipline our children.

Educational seminars on understanding and providing age-appropriate discipline for our children are also provided upon request.  Services are designed to aid parents/caregivers in clarifying their needs and the needs of their children, and providing a referral to additional resources if desired.

Parents Have Feelings Too

In this seminar we take a step back to get some perspective on where we’ve been in our relationship with our kids over the course of the pandemic, what we’ve learned, what’s changed, and consider where we want to go next in our relationships with ourselves and with our kids.