Most of the time we can handle life’s difficulties on our own. But, at times, the problems may seem a little overwhelming, and we don’t know where to turn. Asking for help is often difficult, but it is actually the first step in resolving the problem or finding effective ways to cope. FEAP is available for individual consultation and short term, focused counseling for a variety of personal issues and common concerns.

Alcohol & Other Drugs
Misuse of addictive substances and substance use disorders can prevent people from living healthy and happy lives and negatively impact a circle of people around them.
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Understanding the difference between Compassion and Empathy and learning how to cultivate sustainable compassion in your own life can be the difference between being nourished or burned out by your work.
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Intimate relationships are an integral part of the human experience. The need and desire for connection to another is as much a part of our lives as is our need for safety, well-being and satisfaction.
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Critical Incidents
A critical incident is defined as any event that has the power to overwhelm usually effective coping mechanisms.
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According to the National Institute on Mental Health, clinical depression is defined as a common but serious mood disorder.
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Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence
Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive behavior, including acts or threatened acts, that is used by a perpetrator to gain power and control over a current or former spouse, family member, intimate partner or person with whom the perpetrator shares a child in common.
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Financial Concerns
FEAP contracts with an external company to provide employees with a free, 30-minute consultation with a financial counselor on a variety of financial issues.
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People are drawn to this topic as we typically want more happiness in our lives.
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Legal Services
Employees and their families have access to a 30-minute free legal consultation through FEAP.
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The word Meditation is like the word sports in that there are many different forms.
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Raising a child is one of the richest and most gratifying experiences any of us will ever have. It is also one of the most demanding. We all need understanding and support as we navigate these most important relationships.
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Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology is a growing field that explores human flourishing and how to help achieve that in one’s life through scientific research and real-world application.
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Good self-care is one of the best ways you can buffer yourself from the impact of stress. Knowing what nourishes and refuels you is powerful wisdom especially if you incorporate daily practices to rest and refuel even as you attend to your other responsibilities.
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Stress Management
Stress is both a normal part of our day-to-day lives and when too high, for too long, a potential source of physical and emotional illness.
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Trauma Recovery
Whether a traumatic event has just occurred or a history of abuse is resurfacing, FEAP is extending specialized services to individuals dealing with such.
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WorkLife Program
The FEAP WorkLife Program supports the University and Health System missions through direct services and by developing collaborative partnerships within Charlottesville and the surrounding community to assist faculty, staff and team members in navigating the competing demands of their work, personal, and family lives.
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Workplace Seminars
Broad topic areas include: content for supervisors/managers, balancing work and life, caregiving/eldercare, communication and relationships, mindfulness/compassion, parenting and positive practices.
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FEAP’s Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is critical in the success of the EAP counseling relationship. Our EAP consultants are legally required to maintain the confidentiality of client information.

The Faculty & Employee Assistance Program staff is comprised of well-rounded and highly qualified professionals that help employees and company partners deal with workplace situations.

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