Stuart Munson, Community Resource Specialist

Meet Stuart Munson, Community Resource Specialist at UVA

Stuart Munson

As UVA's Community Resource Specialist, Stuart is eager to support UVA employees and team members. In the Community Resource program, UVA employees meeting certain criteria can get assistance accessing University and community-based resources to help address basic needs such as housing, nutrition, clothing, and more. This program also connects with organizations who can assist with personal budgeting and finance strategies. Please reach out to Stuart if you have a need in any of these areas. 


Stuart's Background

Stuart Munson graduated from the University of Virginia, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. During his time at UVA, Stuart worked on the Blue Ridge Crisis hotline. After graduation, Stuart worked for several years as a residential counselor in an adolescent shelter, doing family counseling and assisting clients find and secure long-term placement. Stuart has spent time as a Big Brother, running food bank donation drives, and volunteering in homeless shelters.

After a career in corporate marketing, Stuart felt it was time to return to work that benefited others so he joined the UVA BeWell team as an advocate. There, he loved helping people set and achieve personal health goals. We are happy to have Stuart as part of the HR team and an important advocate for those in our UVA community. 

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