The word “meditation” is like the word “sports” meaning there are many different types of meditation. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has been researched in depth over the past decade especially. This research has resulted in robust evidence regarding the positive impact of practicing mindfulness on a regular basis. Join this seminar to learn more about mindfulness, including the benefits, resources available as well as practical ways to introduce and sustain a mindfulness practice in your day to day life at work and home. This seminar will also include a short guided mindfulness exercise.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn the definition of Mindfulness
  2. Participants will gain an understanding of the difference between the narrative mind and the experiential /observation mind
  3. Participants will learn the benefits of self-directed neuroplasticity through Mindfulness
  4. Participants will learn ways to introduce Mindfulness Practices into day to day life as well as resources on line and throughout UVA available for those interested in ongoing Practice.

UVA Health Plan participants can earn $25 in gift card rewards each time you participate in an emotional wellbeing seminar, presented by Hoos Well and FEAP. Monthly, reward-eligible participation options include an in-person seminar, live webinar, and watching the webinar recording on-demand.
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About the Presenter

Anna DeLong currently works for the Faculty and Employee Assistance program and has an Honorary Appointment in the University Of Virginia School Of Nursing.  Prior to joining the FEAP team Anna worked for the University of Virginia Medical Center in a Leadership role as well as had more than ten years in private practice.  Anna has accumulated 30 years of experience in her various roles as a Consultant, Trainer and Psychotherapist. 

In addition, she has been an avid Practitioner of Mindfulness since the early 90’s and was trained and sanctioned to teach Mindfulness by the UMASS Medical School. 

Anna is also a voracious student of neuropsychology and stays on top of evidence based strategies to promote wellness, healthy relationships and living with ease. She is passionate about sharing this empowering information with others and has developed workshops and programs on various wellness related topics. 

Anna is described as an amazing trainer who paves a path that is understandable, accessible, empowering and even entertaining along the way.