Trainable Skills of Well-Being

World renowned neuroscientist Richie Davidson, PhD, suggests that well-being is a skill that you can learn and practice, just as you might practice your golf swing. 

This empowering truth, when realized and activated, can have a tremendously positive impact on overall health and happiness-- yet it is essentially unknown and unrealized potential. Through decades of neuroscientific research in the field of human flourishing, Davidson and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Healthy Minds have identified four pillars of well-being that are trainable and can be strengthened with practice.

Join FEAP and Hoos Well for this this reward-eligible seminar to learn more about these four pillars of well-being and practical ways you can strengthen the different areas of the mind that contribute to your well-being.

You’ll also learn about Healthy Minds @ Work®, an app-based well-being program that is based on these four pillars and that will be available to UVA employees and spouses beginning Oct. 4. You’ll learn how you can join your UVA teammates in building the skills to be more focused and resilient in just 30 days and developing a meditation habit that actually sticks in only 5–10 minutes a day.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this seminar will learn about the following:

  1. The positive and negative impacts of neuroplasticity
  2. The definition and impact of epigenetics
  3. Four pillars of the science of training the mind:
    1. Awareness (mindfulness and the regulation of attention)
    2. Connection (appreciation, kindness, and compassion)
    3. Insight (curiosity, self-knowledge, and qualities that promote a healthy sense of self)
    4. Purpose (clear values and a sense that one’s life and pursuits are meaningful)
  4. Practical ways to train and strengthen these skills in your daily life
  5. The Healthy Minds @ Work® 30-day introductory course that begins Oct. 4 for UVA employees and spouses


About the presenters

Anna DeLong, LCSW, CEAP
Anna currently works for UVA FEAP and has an Honorary Appointment in the UVA School of Nursing. Prior to joining the FEAP team Anna worked for the UVA Medical Center in a leadership role as well as had more than ten years in private practice. Anna has accumulated 30 years of experience in her various roles as a consultant, trainer, and psychotherapist. In addition, she has been an avid practitioner of mindfulness since the early 90’s and was trained and sanctioned to teach Mindfulness by the UMASS Medical School. Anna is also a voracious student of neuropsychology and stays on top of evidence-based strategies to promote wellness, healthy relationships and living with ease. She is passionate about sharing this empowering information with others and has developed workshops and programs on various wellness related topics. Anna is described as an amazing trainer who paves a path that is understandable, accessible, empowering and even entertaining along the way.  

Stephanie Wagner, M.A., M.M., NBC-HWC
Trainer & Program Specialist @Healthy Minds Innovations
Stephanie is a board-certified (NBC-HWC ) health and wellness coach with a passion for mindfulness and meditation with extensive years working in professional development. She is a trainer and program specialist at Healthy Minds Innovations, where she develops and trains content to help people cultivate habits to achieve greater well-being.

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