Relating in New Ways to Depression

Join FEAP and Hoos Well in this engaging webinar.

In this era of COVID-19 and other societal stressors, rates of depression have increased. Many of our normal coping skills and resilience strategies have been disrupted and it has taken a toll on mood and motivation, both individually and collectively.

Part of the monthly series of emotional well-being seminars offered by UVA FEAP and Hoos Well, this seminar will focus on recognizing new and empowering options for relating to depression that may lead to more space, relief, and self-kindness. Specifically, we will emphasize straight-forward, evidence-based strategies from the fields of Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Understand the common symptoms of depression
  2. Learn about a mind-body approach to managing depression
  3. Learn helpful strategies from "The Mindful Way Through Depression"
  4. Understand the basics of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  5. Learn about the connections among thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  6. Learn practical skills, acronyms, and metaphors for reframing core negative beliefs


About the presenter

Ken Horne is a FEAP Consultant and Trauma Specialist at the University of Virginia. His clinical background includes residential treatment, community mental health, crisis stabilization, and private practice. Ken specializes in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. He is passionate about helping clients better understand the connections between thoughts, feelings, and behavior, as well as learn evidence-based strategies for relating to self and stress more skillfully. Ken supports clients to develop insight into patterns and tap into their personal power and agency to move forward in ways that feel most helpful and meaningful to the individual.