A Recovery Ally is an individual who supports those in recovery, advocates for recovering individuals, and educates themselves about the disease of addiction, societal stigma, and resources available. This introductory-level Recovery Ally training is designed to begin to increase our community’s recovery capital* on Grounds, decrease stigma, and grow intervention skills for staff members.

Individual modules will include the science of addiction, multiple pathways to recovery, stigma, and recovery-friendly language. The training is interactive and will include resources on Grounds, as well as real life experiences.

  • *Recovery Capital is the components that an individual or community possesses that make up the strength of its recovery. For example, humans’ physical recovery capital is shelter and food, and social recovery capital is made up of the quality of relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn the signs and symptoms of substance misuse, and the multiple pathways to recovery.
  2. Participants will receive tools to support colleagues and students who are struggling with addiction.
  3. Participants will learn about resources on Grounds to which to refer colleagues and students who may be misusing substances.
  4. Participants will learn stigma-reducing strategies, including the use of recovery-friendly language. 

About the Presenters

Jennifer Cervi, LLMSW, Recovery Support Specialist, Office of Health Promotion, UVA Department of Student Health

Jennifer hails from the University of Michigan where she launched a Collegiate Recovery Program while obtaining a Masters in Social Work degree. She has also launched programs at the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Jennifer’s motivation to help others is a direct result of her personally being an individual in long term recovery. Her passion is to engage with students who are actively in recovery or seeking recovery while thriving academically and vigorously sustaining the authentic college experience.

Tia Mann, MS, Associate Director, Office of Health Promotion, UVA Department of Student Health

Tia has worked in the Office of Health Promotion since 2016, after serving at James Madison University.  As the Associate Director, she has eleven years of professional experience in higher education, with nine in the field of substance abuse prevention and early intervention.  Her expertise is in motivational interviewing, and has recently joined the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.