Managing Emotions & Supporting Relationships During COVID

Join us for this Hoos Well reward-eligible webinar, co-sponsored by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost!

The threats to our health, economy and relationships caused by COVID-19 are unprecedented. For many people, this has created not only extreme anxiety, but also feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and confusion within our primary relationships. In this webinar, special guest presenter, and UVA professor, Dr. Bethany Teachman will discuss strategies to manage each of these different forms of negative emotions and to help strengthen our relationships during this difficult time.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn strategies to manage "negative" emotions, such as anxiety, sadness, anger, and guilt, as we continue to navigate this challenging time.
  2. Learn ways to support your primary relationships with partners and friends in order to strengthen communication and understanding.
  3. Learn ways to deal with the uncertainty and many ‘unknowns’ tied to this time so that it does not feel as overwhelming.
  4. Learn about some of the many supports that are available both on and off Grounds. 

About the presenters:

Bethany Teachman is a Professor and the Director of Clinical Training at the University of Virginia in the Department of Psychology. Her lab investigates thought processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of anxiety and mood disorders. She is an author on over 200 publications, including books on treatment planning and clinical psychology. Dr. Teachman has been awarded an American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Early Career Award, multiple mentorship awards, and she is an Association for Psychological Science and American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow. Dr. Teachman was the inaugural Chair of the Coalition for the Advancement and Application of Psychological Science and she received a 2019 Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association.

Deb Early, MA, LPC, CEAP- One of the primary focuses of Deb’s work over the past twenty eight years has been to help partners forge a path to relational maturity and to help build a unique “tool box” for cultivating healthy, satisfying and compassionate relationships. Using an eclectic therapeutic approach, Deb educates and guides couples/partners through bio/psycho/social assessment, Enneagram exploration of individual core needs, building and bridging effective communication and exploring intimacy within their relationships. Prior to coming the UVA FEAP, Deb worked for the Department of Defense as a therapist specializing in family/couples issues related to deployment and she ran a private therapy practice in Old Town, Alexandria. Deb also has a variety of experience involving issues related to grief and recovery, separation and divorce, post-traumatic stress, parenting, depression, codependence, depression and anxiety.

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