21 Ways

Experience FEAP's 21 Ways in 21 Days to Rest and Restore

FEAP invites you to take care of yourself in a new and accessible way. Many people are so keenly tuned into others, their own needs are often overlooked. In a few brief minutes each day, this program will remind you and encourage you to attend to your own needs kindly every day as well as guide you through a series of effective strategies to do just that. The goal of this program is to help you rest and restore your own energy tank in the midst of everything else that you do.    

It isn’t necessary to commit to a specific 21 days in succession. The program is designed to allow you to skip a day If you need to and pick up where you left off, or repeat a day or two if you like. Each day, you will find options you can choose from to best meet your needs, interest, and schedule. These activities are flexible and can be done as you choose.

Weekly topics will include:

  1. Restoring Basics
  2. Restoring Tips for the Mind
  3. Resting and Restoring the Body
  4. Restoring Meaning and Connection

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